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Are small ESAs better than big ESAs? - 2022 Guide

There are many dog breeds when it comes to keeping an emotional support animal. You would be surprised to know that each dog breed has its separate attributes followed by a procedure to take care of. Some breeds need high maintenance as compared to others in the form of physical care. As a keeper of an ESA, you need to make sure to follow a proper dietary routine followed by outside activities. It means an ESA cannot be restricted to the vicinity of houses as it needs to go outside to complete its call of nature. It is a very big dog breed that can be kept as an ESA, due to its sheer size it can also be used as a service dog, as it can help its keeper to stand up and maintain balance. You can get his dog by acquiring an emotional support animal letter.

It may seem like a small issue but it is very important to carry because this activity is equally important in animals and humans. It means you should designate some time for your ESA to go to the park and play with other dogs. You should know that the health of your ESA is equally important so he also needs some leisure time to spend outside the house. Irrespective of whether an ESA is small or big. It means the process of emotional support goes in two ways and your ESA equally needs your attention.

You should know that nature has created many beautiful and breathtaking creatures and, in their absence, human beings are alone. Yes, indeed, every creature other than human is here to help us out in times of lurch and provide comfort. If we are feeling alone or need emotional support these therapeutic pets are here to soothe us.

Such an animal is not only a pet but a companion that serves throughout his life and provides emotional support. The importance of emotional support animals is so widespread that these are protected by law and this is where the significance of the esa letter for housing comes in. It means if you want to keep an ESA then you need to get such a letter from a licensed therapist. Its procedure is quite simple where your personality is evaluated only then such a letter can be issued.

Larger ESA Breeds

Bernese Mountain Dogs

As its name indicates, it is a very big breed that can be kept as an ESA. This dog has a very strong work ethic, impressive intelligence, and a friendly disposition.

Smaller ESA Breeds

Your pet may belong to any species you just need to select as per your personal choice. The most popular choice for household pets is cats and dogs as they are friendly and easy to carry around.


It is a fabulous small pet also known as Yorkshire Terriers with a friendly demeanor. This breed can live from 16 to 20 years if well maintained. It means it is the best smaller breed to carry. However, you need to get an ESA Letter to have this dog.


It is also one of the popular breeds that can last up to 14-20 years. Due to its small size, it can be carried in a handbag. It requires high maintenance due to its small size and could be a little tricky around children.


It can also live between 14-20 years and is also known as a sausage dog due to its affectionate figure. It basically belongs to the hound family of dogs, but it is very prone to injuries if not taken care of properly. This breed is very playful around family members but aggressive with strangers.

Toy Poodle

It is a smart dog that can be easily trained as a family dog with a lifespan of 14-20 years. It is very friendly around children after some mental and physical exercise. To maintain its health the best option is to use CBD oil for dogs, as it helps to boost the immune system.


This breed is filled with love and affection towards its keepers and is best known for its intelligence. It can last from 15 to 17 years but it may develop dental problems and knee issues - if not taken care of properly. You may need to hire a regular veterinarian to keep up its health after ten years of age.


This dog is originally a crossbreed of two different dogs known as Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. This dog is highly intelligent, easy to train, and can live up to 12-18 years. It is extremely creative around children and can be very playful and friendly to other family members. It is its charm that it would follow you around the house throughout the day wherever you go.

The aforementioned discussion shows that smaller and bigger dog breeds such as ESA have their district attributes. Despite the bigger size of some dogs, they are easy to maintain as compared to smaller ones. The smaller breeds need more care because they are delicate with a weak immune system while bigger breeds can face harsh weather or circumstances too. It is the most important attribute that bigger breeds have, though they are big in size and may require more food. However, in the long run, it would be worth keeping larger breeds as compared to smaller ones. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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