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How fast can I master a foreign language?

A lot of people need homework help and ask me that question and my answer is: it does depend on several factors like, your abilities to memorize, your learning abilities, your ears training, the quality of your knowledge of the grammar in your own language ... and above all, your motivation.

If you put your mind on what you try to achieve, invest a fair amount of time and a little money to reach your goals ... you will see the results, I guarantee you.

I remember, one of my friends find test answers online and told me a day that her new objective was to be fluent in English. I was so excited for her, so I asked her which steps she took so far to get to her goal? ... She looked at me like if I was some kind of intergalactic creature and said: Nothing! Why?

Wishing doesn’t take you anywhere. I meet a lot of people who wish to be a millionaire ... they don't even try to change their mindset for that!

You need to go beyond the "wishing" state and take action. Everything can be done with a great amount of motivation. With motivation, it will be easier for you to stay disciplined and to set new goals.

You may have all the great methods of the market to learn a new language but if you don't have the motivation and determination to learn and to apply,

If you don't have enough motivation and determination for something, you would give up very easily, or worst, you won't even want to start your learning process.

If you want to learn a new language, get some motivation and determination first! Why do you want to learn that language? Do some soul searching to have enough good points to keep you motivated. Your lack of motivation will abort or delay your learning process.


Then, you need to know if you need a tutor. If you are a self-motivated kind of person, you won't need someone. You need to be motivated. Motivation makes the learning process faster.

What certification do most companies seek when hiring for positions that require second language fluency?

I am pursuing proficiency in Spanish and would like to be able to use the language while developing an international business career. What second language certification would make me qualified for positions that require bilingualism or even just make my resume more competitive in the eyes of an international company? I am aware that in Spain Instituto Cervantes promotes the DELE Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera whereas FIDESCU promotes the DIE Diploma Internacional de Espanol , and that in Mexico UNAM offers the EPLE test to earn a CELA Certificado de Espanol como Lengua Adicional . At least in the short term I plan on starting my career working for a company here in the United States, and thus wonder if our companies here have even heard of these certifications that come from other countries. Do you have any idea what American companies look for to know whether or not someone has second language skills?

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