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Best Men’s Hiking Pants To Buy In This Year

When you are going out for an adventure, there are many things you need to prepare, including all the necessary gears, everyday carry pieces, good boots, and good pants for hiking.

Surely, you want to have a pair of best hiking pants on the market for men, but if this is the first time you look for hiking pants, you may find it difficult to find out a pair that fits your needs as there are hundreds of option available out there. We bet that you do not want to waste your time and money for the pants that do not work for you. To make no mistake, why don't you spend just a couple of minutes to go through our list? It is just right below.

1. prAna Stretch Zion

prAna Stretch Zion is overall the best pants for hiking thanks to its comfortability and versatility. The pants are made from stretchy fabric, with 97% of nylon that provides a superior range of motion. They are further designed with a zippered cargo pocket and an integrated belt, creating the maximum convenience for hikers and backpackers. The pants’ material is water resistant and resembles a softshell to ensure toughness against severe weather. However, they are a little bit thicker than some other hiking pants, which can be a problem if you wear them in the summer.

2. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible

Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible is an excellent choice for casual summer backpacking that comes with a reasonable price of only $60. Columbia pants offer excellent value for travelers thanks to its breathability and quick drying ability, which are significantly necessary for your summer trips. Similar to prAna Stretch Zion, Columbia pants go with two cargo pockets and an extra zippered pocket so you will never lack storage. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible is the best cheap hiking pants; however, with this price, do not expect that the pants can provide much protection in foul weather.

3. Kuhl Renegade Convertible

Kuhl Renegade Convertible is the best convertible pants we could find on the market. Its zippers are among the smoothest we have ever tested, and zipping the legs back on is just as easy as taking them out (which can be done within a minute). Another good point of the pants is that they are impressively tough, meaning they can accompany you through many hiking trips. Kuhl Renegade also offers tons of storage, including two front pockets, two-sided cargo pockets and compartment pockets inside, so if you are the style of person that likes to carry gadgets in your pockets, Kuhl Renegade is a right option for you.

4. Arc’teryx Gamma LT

Arc’teryx Gamma LT is a great one for summer heat and also the best backpacking pants, in our opinion. What makes this pair of softshell pants stand out of the pack is its durability, lightweight, and wide range of motion. The pants are made from high quality fabric, which is super stretchy but still maintains its form to offer you comfortability during your trips and retains their good shape at the same time. Arc’teryx pants also offer two-sided zippered pockets and an integrated belt.

The four pairs of pants we mentioned above are the result of hours reading men hiking pants reviews. Each of them comes with different advantages and shortcomings that may fit various needs and expectations of different people. Hopefully, you can pick out your ideal pants from the list. Do not forget to let us know about your experience of wearing hiking pants. We would be glad to see your comments.


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