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Wine Tastings Done Right II

As promised, here is a short review of a second wine tasting event that I attended on Tuesday and which I found to be very enjoyable and informative.

The tasting was held at Galit, a restaurant in Chicago specializing in Mediterranean food. The wines were roses from Provence. Provence is known for roses because the climate, soil and grape varieties that grow in the region are ideal for making roses. The grapes, when picked, have bright acidity, are relatively low in sugar content (brix), and the skins have a variety of reddish hues.

Provence has three unique wine appellations and 46% of wines produced in the region are imported to the United States! (Let's hope that tariffs don't spoil this lifeline...)

Most roses are made from red grapes where the juice before pressing is given limited skin contact, hence the pink color. Juices from a variety of grapes such as Grenache, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon can all be blended to make a cuvee that creates a unique wine. 90% of the wine produced in Provence are roses so this is Ground Zero for rose wine making!

Eight wines were tried in a variety of combinations including with appetizers, heavier food items, and dessert. A wonderful guide book was provided as well as a detailed folding map which I studied the next day. In the midst of a tasting, it's really hard to "study".

While my peers at the tasting had good knowledge of the region, it's still new to me so having study materials to take home is really important. Thank you for providing these items in an organized and colorful manner.

All in all, it was a wonderful event. Small, intimate, and it included a fun game that everyone participated in. It was a great way to learn, to meet other wine experts, and to explore the region of Provence.

Special kudos to the staff (front and back) at Galit, and the Wines of Provence tourism board. I look forward to the next event that this organization hosts!

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