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Wine Tasting Done Right!

Wine tasting events are a varied affair. This week I went to four wine events over the course of seven days and each event was totally different than the next.

Of course, I had my favorites for different reasons. I detest loud places with crowds so that eliminates the large venues that encourage drinking rather than discreet and informed wine education.

This week, I enjoyed two wine events that took a unique approach which encouraged intimacy and intelligent conversation and I really learned quite a bit through the process.

The first event was sponsored by the Zonin Family Estates of Italy. The event was held at Brindille Restaurant in Chicago and the wines were carefully curated and only included estate grown selections from Sicily and Puglia - two underappreciated grape growing areas of Italy.

Francesco Zonin personally led us through the tasting at a casual pace that allowed for conversation, reflection and discussion of the wines being served. The wines were paired with elegant food choices. The guest list included some of the best know food and wine writers and sommeliers in Chicago. I was proud to be invited.

By focusing on one or two regions, greater depth of knowledge is created for the participant. Good food enhances good wine (and the other way around). Food is central to a good experience.

Peer based learning is also something that we don't often consider but is as valuable as having an expert lead the discussion. I learned quite a bit about the business in conversation. The Chicago wine community is friendly and willing to share knowledge.

All in all a wonderful event that created the perfect space for the appreciation of wine!

I'll write about another nice experience later in the week. Thanks for reading!

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