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What's Fresh and New This Week at Green Grocer Chicago

For the weekend of SEP 02 - 05

We source from MICK KLUG FARM (SW MI) and Chesterton Farmers Market (NW IN). The produce arrives on SAT morning and is out for purchase in the afternoon.

Fresh Corn Blueberries Castleton Italian Plums Beefsteak Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes Peaches (different varieties)

New Wines to Try:

From our distribution partner, Burke Beverage, we've onboarded two wonderful new white wines that's perfect for both a weekday or weekend. Or both. And they both have screw top closures that make them perfect for Labor Day and rooftop entertaining. The sauvignon blanc made by SILVERLEAF VINEYARDS, is one of four sauvignon blancs that we offer from Marlborough New Zealand. We love these wines, this one in particular, because of their grassy quality along with hints of citrus, apple and pear. The acidity of these wines make them great for BBQs, fish dishes, and porch sipping. Only $18. We also feature four wonderful Pinot Grigios from Northern Italy including a new offering by SAN PIETRO VINEYARDS. These are great with pizza, pasta, and charcuterie. Also serve with cheese and crackers before your main meal and a heavier red wine. Only $16.


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