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We Need to Talk About Coffee...

We've decided to do something different at the store and focus on expanding our coffee holdings using suppliers and roasters from around Chicago. Here's why we think this is a great way to grow our sales.

Chicago is becoming a hotbed of artisanal roasting. There are many small, entrepreneurial roasters working with small batches, sustainably sourced raw materials, and who bring an element of surprise to what they do. They tend to be creative types.

Many of the roasters are minority-owned businesses and do good things within the communities in which they operate such as offer job training opportunities and discounts for senior citizens who venture in. At Kusanya Cafe, they even host concerts using musicians from the Chicago Sinfonietta!

It's easy for us to work with these partners since we can get their goods on our shelves with little effort. And it's a great way for us to support young and small businesses who rely on cash flow to stay alive during these difficult economic times.

So if you're looking for a good cup of Joe, visit Green Grocer and check out what is on the shelves. You'll thank us in the morning when the aromatic smell of coffee winds itself through your home!


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