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Turkey Day is Almost Here. You can bet it'll be different!

We're just a few days away from Thanksgiving. This is the first Thanksgiving that we/ve had to gather within the restrictions that Covid 19 presents. In many ways, that's what makes Green Grocer the shopping choice for staying safe.

When you shop at Green Grocer, you'll avoid large crowds and get a quick in and out. We even have a loading zone out in front of the store and can deliver your groceries to your car if you use our MERCATO online ordering platform.

Our staff washes their hands every 20 minutes and we have several bottles of hand sanitizer all around the store to make sure that it is convenient and within reach. We are doing our best to keep you safe and keep us safe. So far it's working. We have had no workers ask for leave due to Covid reasons.

Our produce is local and organic. We source from the best small farms around the Midwest. Our turkeys will come (as they always have) from Gunthorp Farms in Indiana. These are turkeys that are hormone free and have been pasture raised. It's the best of anything out there and we have plenty to sell. This year we're only doing one size (15 - 18 lbs) so that we can stay focused on keeping our customers safe.

So please stop by and shop with us. We think we offer a better value proposition that the big stores. Yes our prices are higher but you get the best in quality, our staff is well paid, and you will stay as safe as you can be when shopping. We hope to see you soon!

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