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That Time of Year

Updated: May 26, 2018

This is the time of year that people living in Chicago wait for!

Finally the warm weather is here and we can now take part in the numerous festivals that happen on weekends in #Chicago and enjoy the lake front of Lake Michigan.

This time of year also means good eating. At Green Grocer Chicago, we are do our best to stock #local and fresh products that are #organic and #sustainable.

Our shop is located at 1402 W Grand Ave and we invite you to come and get items that will be great for grilling such as pasture raised meats from Gunthrop Farms and Smoking Goose Meats.

We also have a great selection of #craftbeers and artisanal #wines from vendors like Pipeworks and Hopewell Breweries and Forty Winks Wines.

If you live in the #westloop, #fultonmarket, or #westtown and don't know about our store, stop by and check us out.

We think you'll love what you find!

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