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Reuse, Re-purpose

We've all at one time or another forgotten about potatoes in the pantry until they're covered in little sprouts. At that point you're hesitant to eat them (will you morph into some type of super human?!) and you're stuck wondering what to do with your sprouty potato friend.

There's two solutions: The first is to cut out the sprouts and cook it like you normally would. The second is a tad more exciting- all those sprouts are the potato trying to grow news limbs, so all you have to do is give it some dirt, water, and sun and you will get a nice new plant.

Here's what you need:

  • sprouting potato (sweet potatoes produce lovely ivy-like vines, white + yukon produce more upright plants)

  • sharp knife

  • large pot- 14' diameter, make sure it has good drainage

  • potting mix


  1. Cut your potato into chunks, making sure to include 1 sprout in each piece

  2. Fill your pot halfway with potting mix, place potato pieces 2 inches apart, and cover with more potting mix.

  3. Water and place by a sunny window, continuing to water when the soil is dry

  4. Watch your potatoes grow!

The best part about this is you can either keep it solely as a houseplant, or, approx. ten weeks after planting you can harvest your potato crop.

Happy Growing!

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