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Our Resolutions for the New Year!

Happy New Year!

For our friends and neighbors who are following the evolution of our specialty grocery store (Green Grocer Chicago) in West Town, here's what to expect in 2022. This will be our fifth year of ownership and there are lots of changes ahead as we pivot to stay competitive.

Expansion of Plant-Based Products: We'll continue to expand our offerings with regards to plant-based products including adding more prepared meal selections. We believe that this continues our core mission of working towards sustainability, healthy eating, and general well being. We'll still carry basic meats and popular cuts for those who choose a more traditional diet.

Non-Alcoholic Beers and Wines: We want to assist those customers who are exploring Dry January or even life-long sobriety. To that end, we[ll carry an assortment of non-alcoholic beers and wines that can allow everyone to enjoy the party in the personal way that they see fit. We're here to assist you in making changes for the New Year.

Coffee: We want to be known for hosting as many Chicago coffee roasters as we can. If you have a favorite that we don't currently carry, let us know. There are some wonderful roasters in our City and we think they are doing some special things that can assist you in getting a great start to the morning.

Chicago Craft Beers: We'll continue to expand our Chicago craft beer holdings with the goal of having every popular local craft brewery represented on our shelves. If you think we're missing something, please let our manager Liz know so that she can look into onboarding what's missing.

Affordable Wines from Around the World: We'll continue to scout good buys for affordable wines that we can recommend without hesitation. We currently offer 85 wines at all price points (but rarely over $20 a bottle). We hope to offer more Spanish wines (we believe that is where the best value is offered these days), and add on some higher priced wines that allow for a splurge or gifting for special occasions.


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