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No Recipe Recipe: Egg Salad

Mum never measured anything. She just cooked.

For this one, you'll need eggs, celery, onions, green pepper, mayo, mustard (wet), cider (or lemon juice), hot sauce, salt and pepper, and paprika (if desired for color and flavor).

Boil some eggs (2 or 3 per person). While the eggs are boiling chop the onions, celery and green pepper to a size that you enjoy (I love crunchy veggies so mine tend to be a bit bigger than the fancy restaurants in the West Loop. Plus I'm lazy).

After the eggs cool, peel them and chop them into a size that looks appealing and has surface area.

In a large bowl, combine mayo, mustard, salt and pepper to taste. Add in the cider (or lemon juice for acidity) and a bit of hot sauce. You'll have to taste as you go.

Throw in a bit paprika (this is where I tend to go overboard...I love smoked paprika and use it a lot).

Mix making sure that eggs are evenly covered. Chill before serving.

Great as a stand alone salad, on toast, or as a sandwich.

Buy the eggs today and I'll cut you some fresh parsley from the raised bed garden to use as a garnish.

Pair with one of our four wonderful Vino Verdes from Portugal (all priced under $20).


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