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Masks Off, Demos On!

We're going to be doing more demos and tastings here at Green Grocer Chicago now that the mask mandate in Chicago is off. It's been a long time to return to some sort of normalcy and we want to make sure that we have some interesting products to offer you when you shop with us.

On Fridays, we'll be hosting wine tastings along with tastings of crackers and cheeses that pair well with the wines that are being tasted. We'll feature organic wines, natural wines, and wines that we can offer for a great price due to volume discounts from our distributors. We want to be the wine store in West Town where you can get a reliable bottle of wine while holding to an economical price. And on Fridays you can try before you buy!

On Saturdays, we'll be featuring local craft beers and we'll open some snacks that go well with the beers or even try out some of our wonderful frozen pizzas that are a perfect way of having an easy night in after a week of work. (You do remember your office don't you?)

The tastings on Fridays will be from 5 -7 and on Saturdays from 4 - 6. Take the guesswork out of buying your adult beverage of choice when shopping at Green Grocer Chicago!


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