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Let's Beat Inflation Now!

We admit it. We love shopping at Dollar Stores. They seem to often have what we need at a fraction of the price that we might pay at Office Depot, Party City, or Gucci. So we started thinking, how can we take this concept and apply it to Green Grocer?

On MONDAYS and TUESDAYS, we'll put out many produce items and dry goods that are close-to-expiration that we want to move. Our new inventory always arrives on WEDs so clearing out items on MONs and TUEs gives us shelf space to work with while giving you the opportunity to save money while challenging your culinary skills. These sale items will be priced for only $1 each and we'll have an interesting potpourri that can make for a cheap quick and easy meal that evening. For example, tomatoes that are on the point of being overripe, can be great for a simple sauce to be served over a bed of pasta. Zukes and green onions can go into a simple stir fry along with a protein (animal or vegetable) served over a bed of rice. Green peppers and onions can go into a hearty soup. The possibilities are endless. Ask us for ideas if you need inspiration.

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