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Is Covid in Our Rear View Mirror?

At the end of the month, it appears that most of Chicago and surrounding communities will withdraw mask mandates, ease restrictions with regards to travel and large gatherings, and return to a pre-Pandemic normalcy that we all are craving for.

What does this mean for our store?

> We'll begin to roll out demonstrations of products by local vendors. As most of our customers know, we are specialists in sourcing our products through local vendors who use organic and sustainable practices. Giving our customers an opportunity to try some of these exciting new items is something we can do quite easily and makes us happy when people have a surprised and positive reaction to a new product we just started carrying.

> We're going to be open longer hours. We need to do it for many reasons including improving our cash flow. But that's now why we're doing it. We're a specialized convenience store and we like to be available for customers when they need us. Longer hours, now that business is moving back to normal, is the way to go. We'll be open from 10 - 9 every day of the week starting on MAR 01 2022.

> We plan to have a weekly Pop Up Farmer's Market on THU afternoons so that shoppers can have a hit of their local farmer's market but on a smaller scale. We'll only offer seasonal produce grown locally. It's what we did in 2008 when we started and it's what we have continued to do ever since.

We hope to see you soon now that the days are longer, the weather is warming up, and restrictions are being lifted. Stay safe. Do what you can on a personal level to keep your spirits up. And when you're ready to make great strides in your diet, or are looking for a wine recommendation, or just want to make big changes in your life, come visit us. We'll do our best to help you!


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