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Healthy Eating: Alternative Flours

We've just started carrying cassava flour and pasta made from cassava flour. There's a new company in town, Cassava Kitchen, that is trying to make these products available for the glute free eaters in Chicago and we're trying to help. (My wonderful Mother in Law is gluten free so this is something I will bring to her)

Cassava is not a well known product in the United States. It's a root crop most often found in tropical regions and in most parts of Africa. It's the third largest food source for starch after rice and maize. To be honest, I was quite skeptical about what the pasta would taste like but I was pleasantly surprised. It had a great mouthfeel and cooked a bit faster than regular white flour based pasta. It held together nicely so that it could be sauced with pesto or tomato sauces. We brought it in for our customers.

But in all things that we bring in, we look to a higher purpose in offering products to our customers. Cassava flour and pasta has the benefits of fiber, protein and low on the glycemic index. It's still a starch so it does have calories. But this pasta is a great alternative for someone in the family that is avoiding gluten but wants to enjoy the comfort of a bowl full of noodles.

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