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Dealing with the Left Overs

It's the Saturday after Thanksgiving and you're probably still trying to figure out what to do with your leftovers. This year is different. Turkey Day dinners were much smaller but no one told the turkeys that. They still came in at the normal sizes.

Here at Green Grocer, we just sold one size of turkeys (15 - 18 pounds) which are perfect for small gatherings and it allows for left overs. Our turkeys come from Gunthorp Farms in Indiana and they are wonderful. Pasture raised, hormone free, and never frozen when we get them, these turkeys when cooked correctly are moist, flavorful, and tasty!

This year I brined our turkey in a milk bath (along with herbs, veggies, and spices). I threw in sugar and salt too. The milk was expired from our store so I couldn't sell it but it was great for using in the brine.

I smoked the turkey on a Green Egg at about 225 degrees and then finished it in the oven. 165 degrees in the center of the breast meant it was done. We let it set for 30 minutes and then carved it.

It made for a great meal but since Thursday, I've been making sandwiches, breakfast hash, and turkey soup for today. I'll be making enchiladas, pot pie, and turkey curry the rest of the week.

Here are some great ideas from the New York Times that will give you wonderful hints on what to do with your leftovers.

Happy cooking!

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