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Cooking for The Staff

Today is a special day for me.

I'm cooking a Holiday meal for our staff at Green Grocer and I do it with lots of love.

You see, my Mom just passed recently and she was an excellent cook. Most Moms are. But this is different.

My Mom loved cooking for large groups. And she had many friends.

It wasn't uncommon for our family dinners to start with our nuclear family (with grandparents) of seven folks and two hours later end up with twenty people.

I's kind of weird, right? But that's how she rolled. Food was love. If she loved you (and she never met someone she didn't love), you could count on being fed.

So that edict has been passed on to me. If you love someone, you cook for them. And you cook healthy and hearty. And serve it up with gusto.

We have a wonderful staff at Green Grocer. I cannot pay them what they are truly worth. The economics of the grocery business and the constant increasing competition means that making payroll week to week is a success.

But I love our staff.

They are dedicated and love the store and it shows. I wish more people would shop with us and get to know what we do and how it is different than the bigger stores.

They would then appreciate the differences such as local products, healthy options, and fair trade selections. That is what all of us love about our store.

So tonight, I am cooking for my staff to let them know that I love them.

They are great people and they do great things.

I'm so glad I have them on my team!


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