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A Classy Wine Tasting

Wine tastings come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Too often, they're way too large and more of a cattle call. These type of wine tasting doesn't really add to an appreciation of what's out there. There is little time for reflection and just a drunk rowdy crowd that make lots of noise. No thanks!

But when done correctly, a trade industry wine tasting can be quite informative and a pleasant social occasion. You get to meet other wine professionals and to discuss industry trends and consumer behavior. (Hint: summer should be another good season for rose).

I attended a wonderful tasting today at one of our suppliers H2Vino. I was able to try many wonderful summer sippers that are also within the price range of what our shoppers look for when they come to Green Grocer Chicago.

If you shop with us, please let us know what you like and what new wines you might want to try. We tend to like affordable wines (under $20) that have some acidity, floral bouquets, and light or no oak on the finish.

The wines we choose are affordable and meant for the table. You can pair them with most every types of foods. We'll even have food pairing recommendations.

If you want the wine snob stuff....well, you'll have to go up the road.


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