We're your local country market in the heart of the city.

Imagine that you are somewhere in the Midwest, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You've had a terrific day of outdoor activity, experiencing nature up close. As the sun begins its arc toward the western horizon, it's time to head home.

But first, a stop at the local market is needed so that
you can prepare a fresh and delicious meal worthy
of the great day that you are having.

You'll need organic produce, of course, and, if you're an omnivore, perhaps some pasture-raised beef or free range chicken. You're hungry already, so maybe pick up some artisanal cheese and crackers to nibble on while you are cooking. Maybe a local craft beer, soda or something from the winery up the road.

You'll need something for the morning. too, so don't forget to pick up some locally roasted coffee, fresh-picked fruit, juice, dairy, bacon, bread, cereal and other specialty items.

Green Grocer Chicago is that market, and it's been right here in the heart of Chicago since 2008.

Open 7 days a week.

Monday thru Friday 10AM - 9PM

Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 9PM

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